Desiree Million

Out The Run

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Out in the desert
looking for a place to hide
it was three in the morning and I was caught with a husband
and now she's hunting me down
she had a gun and she shot it right at me
luckily it missed me
and now i'm on the run
I knew I did wrong
But I have one question
why didn't that man tell me he was married
leading me on
taking me to a place that I did not deserve to go
and taking his wife to a place she didn't need to go
so now she's after me I'm running to be free from the pain
I've caused so innocently
and it's sad oh so sad
What is it with men out there the ones who will lie cheat and steal just for the thrill
I'm running away now
I'm traveling about 80 miles per hour and she's right there in my rear view mirror
will I live to see the morning light
She already took him down
and there's blood all over me
his blood cries to the Lord but it's too late

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