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Unresponsive stimulus
Influx deters ovum production
Corruption of blood supply
Corpuscles can not carry
Nutrient rich oxygen

Sustaining infantile cells
Impossible to flourish
Vagina not equipped for incubation
Alternate means necessary to procreate
Subject prepared for vitro fertilization

Grotesque misuse of another species
Impregnate suitable host
Conception through a test tube
Gestating a foreign embryo
Made to carry unwanted pregnancy
Observing while nature runs it's course

Leukocytes attack unborn
Pumping forth mutagen
Weak fetus absorbs agent

Spreading throughout premature unborn
Overcome by cellular changes
Corruption of blood supply
Under developed cannot survive

Induced labor, stimulation
Uterine contractions
Rupturing interior membranes
Facilitate artificial birth
Freakish thing spills forth
Creation of new genus species

Writer/s: Malignancy