Lost Society

Overdosed Brain

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You had your chance and you failed at it all
Try to keep it up, you're gonna fall
You play with fire, you never learn
Join us and we'll make this system fuckin' burn!

Welcome to my mind, enjoy your stay
Hear all my bitchin', what I got to say
I tried to impact, now I know how
I'll forget what's up and make it loud, I'll make it loud!

Ask me once again what's going through my head
Please let me answer, we are the braindead!
You can obey what you hear about sobriety
Or come rip it up with lost society!

It's a cut throat world, we're heading for a bitch
I chose right, I chose to thrash this bitch
Too much for them, the world is going insane
But at least I'm blazed and hazed with an overdosed brain

Saving myself from this
With an overdosed brain
No sign of weakness, this ain't my sickness - uh!

Let them stab or let me grab you and make you bang your head!

I'm the madness calling
Won't catch you when you're falling
All I need is one more victim for controlling
Forget what you read
I'll take you over instead
I'm the ghost, I'm the ghost in your head
Uh, hey!

Eins zwei drei vier!

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