Over The Clover

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Oh oh oh radio play a song that I know
Sweeten the buzz from my eyes to my brain
What to wear, when to care No it's not right to stare
The slightest things can change your whole day
Skip the cracks luck has got my back
Up against the wall again... Yeah

It was my mistake for ever thinking things
weren't right were they needed to be
Close your eyes again and let the melody take you
Over the clover with me

Lonely eyes blink in time to a hypnotic rhyme
Between the lines, it's more than a song
With the rain, down the drain, then straight to the vein
Fates got a way of turning you on

(your) Jackets made before the egg is laid
The trick is only putting it on

Like some pathetic cop
Who really thinks he can stop
The lack of that darkens life
The world is alright yeah
You are where you should be tonight

There's a breath or two
I'd like to share with you
If you only knew my love

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