4th Disciple


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Damn, everything ("PAIN") gettin cold
Cept for them bullet holes
That the only thing hot
Why the fuck did he had ("PAIN") does this to me?
Why? damn, ummm, ("PAIN") shhhhit

This is how it's all gon' end
Fuck that, you bust at me I'm bustin back again
Feel the heat, ain't no way that you gon' fuckin win
Shit, I set fire to a fuckin friend
Fried in the end, you think of death you gon' think of me
With your last breath, that's how it's got to be
The shell brought me closer to my God to be
Hell brought me closer to my soul set free (PAIN)
It's so much pain I'm almost givin up
Phlegm mixed wit blood is what I'm bringin up
"I hope I don't die" is what keep ringin up
You better off dead is what somebody sayin
Now nigga hold your head up, I'm only playin
Never pray before but I'm prayin now (PAIN)
Seen a flash of light and now I'm goin down
The last thing I seen the crowd was gathering round

*ambulances and voices* "PAIN"

It got real wit hot steel comin in
Cuttin and giggin, diggin deeper, achin
Keep awakin, the rest is long but goddammit the pressure's strong
Fuckin pain, clutchin my brain, touchin the vain's arteries
Bleedin heavily, part of me leavin steadily
Gettin harder to breathe and yet I be still alive
I'ma make it, I will survive, I'ma take it to the next level
Yo I'm wildin, do the vex devil know my stylin
Held down, hell-bound gravity havin me sinkin
Thinkin I'm out (PAIN) motherfuckin man
Got a brother stuck in a jam
Drive my son a buck and a scam
Gettin me, wettin me, crimson drenched
In my mind son I find some hymns entrenched
A lot of mournful feign hummin
Tomorrow's dawn, I swear that shit ain't commin

"PAIN" (2x)