Pandora's Lullaby

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So You Hugged the Globe
Now It's Whirling Too Fast
I Really Got no Hope to Hang On to the Past
The Train Has Departed, the Toxins Have Started
To Announce That None Will Last
I Cower in the Gutter of a World That's Not So Near
And I Listen to Their Mutters That Are Spinning Through the Air
The Words Unspoken, the Promises Broken
And the Ones Who Really Care
I'm the Watcher of the Scene
I See Our Shadows On the Screen
And When the Subway Brakes to Preserve Some Suicidal Bee
I Stop to Breathe For a While
Maybe It Was Me
This Is the World Gliding By
Like the Driftwood Beams
On a Lifetime's Stream
The Instant Fundamental Sky For Pandora's Lullaby

I See Distorted Faces Coined Like Gold
And in Their Wrinkles Programs That Commercial Gurus Told
A Watermark Against a Spark
Umbrellas That They Hold
I'm Gliding in the Distance and Watch the World Go By
An Orbit Full of Questions, a Perforated Sky
But I Just Sit and Wonder a Bit That They Never Wonder Why

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