Frozen Mist

Pandora'x Box

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The anticipation lurks in our minds.
Will this pleasure turn into pain?
This beauty lies scarred for all eternity
Our lives will never be the same.

So full of torture and endless pain
Risen in the bleak air fulfilling my sight
These haunting spirits releasing agony
Is there a chance we will ever see the light?

Enchanted suffering. We all pay the cost.
We're doomed to die. All our hope is lost.

A life shattered thru mystery and suspense
Abrasive sorrow and corrupted despair.
It steals your life and descrates your soul
And leaves you blind in abrupt desires.
You shall suffer in regards to all of this
Basking in the dark light of death.
To unlock the ghosts branded in your mind
You gasp to take your final breath.
And burn the flames in your rotting soul
Turn your decaying mind to ash.
It's Pandora's secret born to die
Our hopes and dreams forever smashed.
All hope lies... vanished into persistence
Everything dies... it's all so consistent.

"Hope has destroyed our fragile caress
Branded for eternity's infinite distress."

"Tremble with delight......
Images of fear......
Tremble with chaos......
Images are clear......
Tremble with emotion......
Her image appears."

Dissipated into her imagination
Chills of the wicked evil flesh.
Captivity drenched from ages of solitude
Nothingness endowed. The plague is caressed.

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