Parody of shame

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My belief is shaken, I can't concertrate
We've reached the moment of no return
You're bearing your soul like a head on a plate
I clearly still have a lot to learn

Do I accept what you have to say
You're sorry for all you have put me through
Nothing can change how you feel for me
God only knows what a man like me should do

I told myself it would have to end
Your refusal to choose is eroding me
You say he's no more than a passing friend
So why does it hurt when you go from me?

Must I deal with your humility?
As you gaze at me with your head bowed
You're a parody
A parody of shame.
Must I fave your infidelity?
There is more to life than betrayal
You're a parody
A parody of shame.

There is no use denying I'm wavering
I thought my resolve had more strength than this
The moment of truth I'd been savouring
Has all but dissolved in your silken kiss