Part Seven

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Given the gravity
It's the same chair
Slide into the spot
Gleam off the polished stone
Carved metal cast
It's all weeping outside
The observation of a slow day
Taken away, the catapult
Springboard to the next thought
All indexed
The slow steps of orderly pursuit
The unfolding execution
The small parts of the day spent not remembering
Everything is next
Quantity does not exist
We forgot to count
Crammed in a canister
All the powder contained
Great gains of consciousness
Whoever thought it would be like this
Such an even keel
Constant, controlled
The happiness of well being
Bloom the once-time annual
Capture the essence
The train must leave without me
I stand and fail to move
Wistful sad revelation
It's not necessary to continue
Trying to find something lost
Trying to find something new
You have all you want
The worship of God
Undirected by a plan
It's a glorious meander
Creamy days
Dreamy ways
The only way to compensate
Is to float into yes
Fear was the other door
The chance is freely given
Open it up
Thank you for the courage
I didn't die with the wrong bets
They just made me know
You as you appeared
Like the still breeze
I said to myself, aha
So this is what I'm living for
I didn't know it was so comfortable
All the clock watching adolescence
When will it be over so I can be free
Freedom is your loving glance
Your light dark warm chill
The feel of you through my body
The magic your embrace bestows