Slick Shoes

Pass Me By

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I thought about my life, and what I?e done this year.

Sometimes even to afraid to think of my fears.
A memory so young but not so long ago.
I thought about that night, it was almost Christmas time.

It seems like life just tries to pass me by.

If only I knew what to do right now.

Sometimes I seem so eager not to try.

I'll just have to wait for Christmas time.
Anxiety that thickens every day.
I woke up late today, the feeling came and went away.

So much wasted time, I?e just got to clear my mind.
I?l just fall asleep and dream of Christmas time.
Can? it always be like Christmas time in memory?

I wish I could know what the future holds for me.

I think life is like a gift opened everyday.
I wish I could know?but I don? know.

Writer/s: Slick Shoes