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I Know.... It's Here We Retreat, For Where Else Would We Go?
To Great Disbelief There Is Somewhere We Belong.
In Negative Space Supposed Flaws Go Unseen, But Our Strength Is Shown.
In Darkness Together We're Bringing the Light.
In Darkness Together We Are Forming.
The Fire Tomorrow Is Born of the Night.
In Darkness Together We Ignite.
From All We've Been Shunned But We've Found a New Home.
To Great Discontent It Is Greatness That We Own.
In Luminous Eyes, Reflections of Fear Absolute....
All Hate What We've Become.
When Daylight Forms Blinding Walls Where Do We Go?
Days, Arid Are Scorching All.
When Daylight Forms Blinding, Binding Walls, Where Do We Go?
The Darkness Calls