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Sometimes I know this girl
She makes me happy though she keeps me ill
In a vacuum powdered and perfumed
I had to assume I was next to be killed
My common sense should be a factor of reason
It doesn't mean a thing to me
My hot libido tells this is the season
To fix a hole in the sea

Now I go home to confess,
I almost made and awful mess
Something allowed me to go and stray
I really don't know what to say,
this doesn't happen everyday
Just something in the way she walked today

Lack luster I couldn't trust her
Just like her Mother she likes to confuse
Don't tease me you know I'm easy
I'm just a fool for a woman in shoes

A victim of the latest synthetic rubber
The industry has got it in for me
My hot libido tells me I'm just another
Holy host for disease

Today I lost control of myself
Today is slowly turning night