Of Montreal


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Penelope shoot the apple off my head I need to go to the store to get some sleep.
Because I've run out of sleep.
The row boat came so David stopped arguing with a mime
And waved his arms like wheat.
But when he tried to speak the Prince of Plum
Fell through the roof of his mouth
And handed David an envelope inside was a letter that read
'sir, you were given this envelope by mistake please disregard it'
Nicolynn shoot the candle off my head I need to go to the store to get some beets.
To rub all over my feet.
Andy's joke reminded Gerard that his sloth balloon was owned by Turkish moths.
Gerard's Lebanese boss had sent him out on business
Giving his word that he would keep it looked in the safe
But it was all deceit
Cause once he had the sloth balloon
He traded it to the moths for a lithograph of
"Lady Lamenting On A Lawn Chair".
What interested Balabanoba was building complicated French machines.
Designed to better enjoy the duchess, and she him.
He helps her in the stirrups then he straps himself in
They spend their days in heights of ecstasy.
But wait why then does she look so sad?
Why is her countenance so glum?
Does she tire of mechanical hands or is she pining for the fair Prince of Plum?
Lulubird shoot the doorbell off my head
I need to go to the store to get some treats.
For Gothe,Becket and Keates.
The characters of the "Gay Parade"
Formed a boys choir with Static and the Red King.
But whenever they sing all postal workers
Simultaneously whisper to themselves the word calendar calendar

Writer/s: Kevin Barnes

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