30 foot fall

People Are Stupid

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I'm surrounded by idiots everyday
Frustrated by the games that people play
Confused by what the t.v says i need
Lost in space and ugly too
People act like they've been sniffing glue
Never questioning the things that they believe
Freedom of choice must be a joke
Just look at all the people that cannot cope
I've got something i want to say to them
There's a lot of stuff that i can do
That doesn't mean i have to impose on you
If you take offense to common sense
That's your problem
I can do what i want
Listern to some slayer and play nintendo all night long
Racism sucks and so do you
If you hate somebody cause they're not like you
And that goes for homophobia, zenophobia, and classism too
I can sit around and masturbate
Have different coloured friends that i don't hate
It doesn't matter if you don't approve
I can stick my finger up my nose
Never take a bath or change my clothes
And my underarms can ruin someone's day
I can ride a float in the gay parade
Terrorize the christian right for a day
And sing homophobes are just pissed 'cause they can't get laid
I can do what i want
Go to school and read the necronomicon
I can do what i want

Writer/s: 30 Foot Fall

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