Action Bronson

Pepe Lopez

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I got the '89 Firebird
Guns like Wyatt Earp
Before I do business
I want to know the buyer's worth
Fast forward '98, Mark McGuire shirt
I eat dessert while your bitch flirt (Uhh)
Ship work to a Mick out in Pittsburgh

When you're focused, strict terms are never misheard
Shift gears, schhherrp
Twist Earth
Lift the Nerf
Shit, I got a lot of nerve
Catch me on the run with a Nevada nurse
Rambo knife in the Escada purse
Lestor Diamond in the face, chase

I'm in the gray 8
Restaurant, I order rabbit like a Playmate
Suede snake, crocodile silk
Barely legal Brazilian mami all on the quilt
I twist a bitch like Wilt, built
I spit the shit the people feel, uhh, yeah

Let me take it out to Coney Island, uhh
Drinking 40's out in Rockaway, uhh
Jones Beach Field 6, uhh
Out in Deer Park, peel whips, uhh
Flushing Meadow Park shit, uhh
Barbecues with the Mexicans

Get my muthafucking drink, man
Damn, this is Bam Bam
This is about to be some shit
Blue Chips 2, bitch (Owwww!)
We so muthafucking out here (Owwww!)
I wear a bib all muthafucking day
Muthafucka, you knocked my teeth out!
Hey, Sticks, come on!

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