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we're gonna be waiting for a long time,
but it'll be worth it when we find what we find.
and we won't be frightened and we won't be nervous.
it'll be perfect and right.
we'll find god in our lover's arms.
we find god in our lover's arms.

we're gonna be healing for a long time,
but we won't be sleepless and we'll get better each night.
'cause we're not afraid of dying.
we're afraid of one day never to die.
you set your heart out in the graveyard.
go get your heart back from the great beyond.

and your milk tastes like
and your wrists smell of peppermint.
i know you carry your sadness on your back like a tortoise as protection.
and you sleep with your blanket that you found on the pavement
and you cling to it.
and you wanna be righteous
and you wanna find god but nothing's come yet.
but i've read your stars in a mason jar and you'll make love in the backyard.
we'll find god in our lover's arms.
we'll redefine god as something that we want.

redefine god as something you want.

Writer/s: Ferris