Perfect Dream

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Looking around
Wondering what this is for
Sure it's fine but i don't think i need this anymore
I took down my self appearance
And i found the definate clearance
I'm getting bored
Surpression is drained
Till i see your face is boredom
They told me...

Feel this
Once one more to
Make sure its not a dream
I can't stand here any longer
Please don't wake me up
Your such a perfect dream
That all i ever...
Wanted at all

Bringing me down
A fall and a glass hits the floor
Shattered pieces
It's not what it used to be at all
Rided it out on broken pieces
Tell me now what is your thesis
I need it more
To make it through the day
Till i see your face is boredom
They told me..


I never met this dream...
Once I fall inside of you
Again its so hard
To keep my mind off of you
To keep my arms off of you

So unreal
So sureal

But,Your just a dream
You'll fall away
Boredom will follow around me again

Writer/s: Chris Taylor Brown / Peter Charell / Simon Ormandy