Polkadot Cadaver

Phantom Limb

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I don't know how they've found me
and it's only a matter of time
before I'm hanging by a lightpost in the center of
along with my family we'll

Drink to the dead
now the ghosts in the warfields
eat bread of the body
of a god make believe
these sticks and these stones
will break hearts and split bones
piece of mind only comes when you realize

You can't chase away all your demons now
with withered and broken legs
as your crippled sanity
swings like a pendulum
hanging like a phantom limb

I don't know why you ever loved me
such a lowdown right pitiful fool
look at you now hanging by a thread
under a full moon we'll drink to the dead
as we gulp down the blood
we'll chase it with whiskey and swallow the floods
that wash away the souls that I can't forgive
that hover like a phantom limb

Phantom hovering silently
hanging like the guilty

Dizzy vultures in my head
slowly circling the dead
nauseating nursery rhymes echo

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