Michael Martin Murphey

Pilgrims On The Way (matthew's Song)

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Raindrops thumping on my white-walled Chrysler
I'm keeping rhythm with the window wipers
Farmland's drinking every drop that falls
Lightning dancing to the fiddler's call
Black baby squeeze a hot dog bun
Grandpa's got wrinkles from too much sun
Harry Belafonte and the Dixie Dregs
Everybody's drinking from the same cold kegs

The cowboy slaps the dust away
For the sweet senorita with the cross next to the heart
Purple mountains majesty she says hey Gringo what about me

You don't know me but I know you
We are pilgrims we are pilgrims on the way
I could love you and you could love me
We are pilgrims we are pilgrims on the way

Banjo pickin' from a motor home
Bulldog barking at my ice cream cone
Old man rocking with a baby on his knee
Schoolgirl peeking from behind a tree
Churchbells singing about Sunday school
Dutchman on a buggy with the golden rule
The homeless sleeping on a whiskey dream
God send his grace on Thee

Home run hittin' in the afternoon
Late night dancing by the harvest moon
Farmer's daughter turns to look my way
This is my chance to say

Hey you don't know me but I know you...
On the way
[ trumpet ]
The waitress points to the west of town
To the promised land as the sun goes down
Thumbs up trucker on the left hand side
We've got towns to see we've got roads to ride

You don't know me but I know you...
Pilgrims on the way

Writer/s: Marcus Hummon

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