Plastic Girl

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She lives in a plastic, plastic world
She talks in plastic, plastic words
I must have been wrong, when I thought she was different
'cause her lips and her eyes seemed like a sea of delight
She whispered in my ears words of boundless feelings
I was bewitched and I knew we could spend the night together
But we'll never get the truth of our dreams and wishes
She must know that I have to go on my way
She must learn that she has to turn or to go away
'cause there's no place for me in a plastic world
I'll never talk to friends again in plastic words
Why people don't understand the emptiness
They'll never learn it with their plastic brains
We never had the chance to live with each other
But I'll remember the irresistable moments
The synthetic world destroyed all my feelings
She's a girl full of plastic, she's a plastic girl