Bizzy Bone

Play That Music

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Bizzy- "yea, bizzy bone, nighttrain, got the homie big t... Fayettenam in this bitch, 2-6...eastside mothafucka, with a buck buck to the bang and....blllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaa

"When it jump off, usually pull the pump out never been afraid to bust, my niggaz prolly wanna cuss me out/ I never jump off got a lil sumthin to do, run a mile with the quickness no doubt/ word to the pimpness walk with a lean, purple hearted I parted the sea like (weeeeee)/ dearly departed I got a heart without a beat bring it back to the thugness back to the streets/ remember the way that it was henny and weed, pushin pounds in the cali with my niggaz in the backseat/ rite in front of the police nigga peace, I dont sell drugs ima rappin beast I rap the heat/ call my 32 weezy movin on up from the east, fosheezy, ride to the rythym of a nigga on a mission gotta get it ima get it ima hit em, believe me/ easily smooth, ky greasy keep me I keep keys to the city/ never could of broke me down they tried everything hit me with the kitchen sink (I keep gleamin)/ beamin the 9 milimeter still heatseekin (pow) got a dot like hindus, caliber too big its gonna spin you, let me continue (chow) nigga next on the menu/ evil that men do, level out sharpen that ginzou hawken that mental, got a pad and a pencil or wind up in a prison where a mothafucka really gotta sharpen a untensil/ stencil the soul, look like a blackhole (hey) and it look like the end too/ all I need is a bottle and a beat I can flip too, I got sins too
"When the rent's due, when the lent's new (whatcha gonna do!?) I'm gonna grab my gun/ ima spit it like a hundred round drum you fuckin pimp you/ play that fuckin music, play that fuckin music, play that fuckin music right boy (right boy)
Play that fuckin music right boy, I bet that we come tight boy, any night boy, dont run up and lose ya life boy/ play that fuckin music, play that fuckin music, play tha fuckin music right boy right boy (right)/

Writer/s: Bizzy