Age Of Nemesis

Plummeting Into Eternity

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Please confirm that this is just a dream
Promise me that I will see him again
Alive like before
Now will every minute cause me pain?
Will my sin forever burn like the sun's flame
Poison all my veins, curse me till I'm lame
Make all my hope wane?!

Please let me go now
This must end somehow
I've suffered for my crime
Trust me, I sure tried
But I can't stand it here now
Wipe away this damned curse!

Perhaps it's best that I'm still afraid
My heart cries out for hope, still my life is pain
Cos nothing now remains, no one knows my name
The Land of Light awaits far away...

I climbed the tower above all the clouds
Where we once daydreamed, n' your memory prowls
Don't need no daydreams, they're worthless now
The dreaded winds howl n' blow me off the tower.

Writer/s: Zoltan Fabian