Popular Demand

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So I say what up to the world, still rockin' in advance
Black Milk, people's choice, most popular demand, I
Man, I have everyone like damn
Goddamn, that nigga Black back once again
Not fair how simply will he just
Stick to the beats and the MPN?, ock
No idea not, I'ma just kill it and
Plus times money and I'm counting every minute
Producer rappers get the most criticism
Until they heard Black now they gonna feel different
Took it back made em change they decision
Bout ock non-stop, hip-hop's Jimi Hendrix
I'm underground but don't get it twisted man
I'm in the range and I'm thinking bout tha Escalade
We like a little platinum on the chain, on the ring
I'm from the city of the gators dog, what'chu think
Cuz I don't walk with no backpack on
Don't put me in a box dog we do it all
You can catch me in the club from the window to the wall
Till the sweat drops down, watchin' strippers take it off
We can spend a little money doesn't matter what the cost like
Cost like, little ice give me little frostbite
Yeah I like the dark type, but my favorite color when
It comes to the whips is the Caucasian off-white
It's time to blow and it's time to do damage
And make it hard for niggas to get on like a hammock
Cuz I ain't here and gone like I'm hammer
You hand me hundreds of grands, I hand you an album
And then we break bread, shake hands right over the contract and
We eat with our hands so hand me a couple napkins
And when I'm done I'm going back for seconds for the cabbage
Cuz my niggas hungry as hell, we always feelin' famished
And when I say the cabbage, you know I mean the money
And when I say the rap game, you know I mean the buffet
Hey, call ya waiter, tell him, "give me a to-go plate"
It's Popular Demand, then done gave me the okay