Tom Cochrane

Power (Strength in Numbers)

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Look up on the building
See a silhouette
Crowd looks hungry
Because he ain't jumped yet

Man up on the tower
Looks big up there
He's got something extra
I wonder if he's scared

People do some strange things
When they're all together
They wouldn't even dream of
By themselves

Come on, come on, come on
Turn it on
Turn it on, come on
Power, power

Is he turning on us
Is he turning
You can't see his eyes now
Bet that they're burning

Are we among them
There's strength in their numbers
Can't even hear us
There's to many others

What's he keep saying
They're not even listening
Is he a poor man
Why don't we listen

People do some strange things

It's invisible
You can't even touch it
If I was a wise man
I'd have spoke up

If I was a brave man
I'd surely said something
Now I can't even sleep on it
Cause it's all used up
All used up

Writer/s: Thomas William Cochrane

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