Suburban Legends

Powerful Game

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It's not so easy
To be this cheesy
When it comes to getting down
I'm super sleazy

Ladies come and ladies go
My game is tight
But you don't hear me no
You better watch out

You might get what you expect
It's just a powerful game
You cannot see my face when I'm walking away
You think I'm powerful

Yeah, I'm irresistible
But you aught to know that you're my girl
Look at your eyes
They're gold

And I know you want to be my beautiful centerfold
I can see that you are so influenced by me
You wanna stand beside me
And put your arms around me

You better watch out...
'Cause its more powerful than I'm letting on.. so lets
Get it on now... just put your hands in my pants and
Lets go to town

Sara likes to go for coffee
Jessica likes breakfast in bed
I never pay when we go shopping
At dinner the check is hers instead

If you can't see that you want me
There must be something wrong with your personality
You're everything that I adore
And all the little girls love me

Writer/s: Suburban Legends

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