Lea Finn


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Another Day Just the Same
Another Night, Still no Change
Caught in the Middle of
Where I Am and Where I Should Be
Inside I Wisper Your Name
Outside I Barely Maintain
Without Your Strength in My Life
I'm a Lost Soul, Lord, Please Send Your...

Wash Away the
Take Away the
I'm Callin' On Your Name

Lord, I Pray
Help Me Find a Way
Way Back to You
I'm On My Knees' Beggin' You Please
Every Time I Stumble
Lord, I Pray
Help Me Find a Way
Way Back to You
You Sacrificed, Paid With Your Life
Gave Me the Right
Lord, I Pray

I Know I'm Weak and You Are Strong
You Give Me Faith to Hold On.
Lord, Help Me See Tht I'm Stronger
When I'm Down On My Knees
'cause That's Where the Power Begins
Your Boundless Strength Has no End
No Matter What Comes My Way
I'll Persevere If I Just...

It's the Strength You Gave Me
It Comes So Freely
I'm Callin' Out Your Name, So..


Down On My Knees I Find You
Leavin' This World Behind, and You
Always Hear Me When I
Need Some Answers, and I
Just Can't Seem to Make It Through
And I'm Not Sure What I Should do
That's When I Close My Eyes
And Lord, I Pray