Divine Empire

Pray For Deliverance

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Pray For Deliverance

no more hope for mankind--judgment day is coming--told by Nostradamus--and the second coming--predict worldwide
famine--earthquakes cause destruction--cities filled with people--all life will be shattered--storm of blood and fire--forecast
Armageddon--blood and war Will follow--message of the prophet--raging rivers of blood--nothing Will survive it--all things known
to man--all which will be dead--in the second coming--all life will be shattered--darkness and diseases--warned by
Nostradamus--signs are all around us--games of slaughter unfold--foreseen by the prophet--mighty Nostradamus--lord of all wont
help you survive--believe in him and you shall be dead--holocaust of extremity--get down on your knees now and pray--pray for me.

Writer/s: J.P.R.

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