Present/Future (Endless Joy)

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It's time with love we bleed

A song the soul can bring

Transcend the hopeless law of entropy

And all it breeds

The moon eclipsed the sun

As you fell upon your knees

I want to turn your whispering

Into a scream of

Endless joy… my hearts on fire

With Endless Joy

It's time we realign

With a present/future mind

Bring forth into the light what no one sees

A mystery

It's time we pulled it down

Release the burning seed

I want to make you dizzy from

The ecstasy of

Endless joy… my soul's on fire

All I want to do is carry you

I've been stealing back your happiness

In the night while your sleeping on my chest

I'm cleaning up the mess!!

Just follow the wind wherever it leads

You're in the light!!

Keep on pushing until you feel the release

I'm coming to you oh!!

When I'm with you

My heart's on fire with Endless Joy!

When I'm with you

My soul's on fire with Endless Joy!