Black Moon

Pressure Iz Tight

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D.A.'s all over the case, judge in my face
Feeling the pressure, all over the place
Court officer playin' me close
So I won't position, post boat float, right through ya dough
ATB lawyer representin' me fo sho, a conviction, ain't hopin' to score
But bein' I'mma, fighter for life, I'm takin' these bastards to war
They actin' like they caught me, with a key in the raw
I'mma open my mind and beat this Rockerfeller law
So I can, flee the states and go on tour
On a, wing of prayer, I'm keepin' it faith
Throw yo, hands in the air, I'm bleedin' with hate
This little nigga had all he could take, for all the bullshit
I need a permanent break, see my freedom's at stake
Trynna put food on the plate, my knees can't wait
- All ya niggaz is bait, I'm so hard, all on my grizzy
Don't walk with Five, if you ain't ready to die, with me

[Chorus 4X: 5FT.]
Bringin' the heat, to these streets
No sleep, pressure is tight, pressure is deep, we

The block is sizzlin' now
Niggaz like fuck crack, I'mma bump cigarettes now
Hustlers don't hustle for profit nowadays
It hurt, niggaz put in work and maintain
Hard as fuck, the God is stuck
To get a buck, shit suck, but in God in trust
And if that fail, then a nine I bust
I play the side, when they side with us, I must
Flip for the dollar, like heads and tails
I go all out, cause I'm not about to fail
Not about to chill, son, keep it movin'
Don't sit still, cause I get it, the click will
Ya'll build, but I destroy
Scam dough out ya fam like Deac and Troy
But, I'm not a pastor, I just get dough faster
Than the average, has ta'
You play the wall like plaster, I play the block
Cops got a glock, now they wanna shoot a shot?
But this is what I do when I make a stop
Get a spot at a vacant lot, then I make it pop

[Chorus x4]

I'm not playin' with it, while dudes fight for positin
And stay in it, hit it with vinyl, make it final and spin it
Cause I'm comin' to get it, hungry nigga on line, you can forget it
It's a done deal, when I spit, I'm your
Royal loyal, fully committed militant mind
Ain't spillin' every time, bong bong, shine
Many niggaz die for this, so I gotta survive this shit
Drop it hot and rip, poppin' blow the spot a bit
There's no stoppin' this, throw the lock, at a click
We shuttin' it down, I'm fuckin' around
Yeah, the fever bringin' plenty of fire to your town
Rippin' the flow, through the sound barrier
Strictly heavy artillery, air force carrier

[Chorus x4]

Writer/s: K. Reid

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