Primeval Transubstantation

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Forgotten in a space city
Lost in the galaxy Looking for something, I don't know what
Power or truth, my mind seems to be blank
In my quest of knowledge, I try to pierce my secret
Awaiting the last signal of rebirth
Superior entities are playing with our fates
In this dangerous game I'm the first

Ripping my mind
Ripping my flesh
I have to find
But I can't guess
I really need
More experiences
My head exploded!

And I don't know
My future life
Internal streams
Blow up my spine
Twisting my corpse
Rotted by time
Rude experience!

My brain so dark
Burning my life
Sometimes some light
Torment my mind
I can see me
Among some fights
Deadly vision!

From world to world
Between the stars
Space voyagers
New forms of life
Try to explain
But never find
My endless search!

But a vision drives my acts
From the chaos reborn the light
A bird of fire & walls of ice
Flow from the dark side

I also see a big spacecraft
A computer, a silly dwarf
Infected corpse for me they've died
Nocturnal appearance

And mystic craft
Didn't forsee
The secret parts
Of my spirit
Of my mind
My dream goes on!

Falling into
A labyrinth
Art to distort
All of our sense
Creating images
Seem without sense
Out of control!

Now I see my name in gold
Turning to blood and now exploded
Return to ashes, reborn in fire
My future life?