Frozen Mist

Pulsate: Equilibrium

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Rest in the ground
The clock ticks away
These cold and windy nights.
My fingers caress
Your frozen shoulders
Glistening with delight.
Feel the pulsation
It exhilarates
Your beautiful smile.
This passing hour
Sprinkle me with your love
Our dream left versatile.

An everyday fantasy turned to stone
Colorful collaborations wither
A blessed tombstone we faint
I force my sound into your ears.
Eradication unfolds, my decrepit seas
Drowning waters succumb thru you
So close to your thoughtless embrace
I lay myself beside your disgrace.

Look up to the dark skies
These eyes stare into infinity
There lies an empty space
Your soul shall remain there.
Resonate within my ear
Tears fall from this shattering glare
Tranquil consumption left to unfold
We're trapped in our frozen desires.

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