Action Bronson

Put It In Your Mouth (Remix)

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Say it...
(In my mouth, in my mouth, in my mouth, daddy)
Well you could, lick it, flip it, taste it if you wanna
I ain't gonna chase you 'round and sweat the pussy like a sauna
Her skin tone a touch of cinnamon and chocolate cookie
Fuck it eight times raw, I call it Octopussy
White shorts, a little moist right by the pussy line
Now it's push, push, push, right in the tushy time

School Blanding, that mean she got a baldy
She sucking pee pee, makin' bread just like Grimaldi
But I'm the hero, servin' sausage like it's San Gennaro
Forget your past and come with me because your man is zero
I'm the whole shit, vintage from the cellar

The floor is made of glass and not the slipper, Cinderella
Yeah, test my libido, known to pass it twice with flying colors
Talking crazy on the text but now your shine covers
That don't fly bitch, I thought you was a fly bitch
Turn that ass around and let me hit you with the Heimlich
Now you can fuck me for free, or suck for a fee
Trust and you'll see, it's nothin' to me

I need me a cutie, with a petutie
I'm on duty, hittin' the booty, 'cause
My nigga Magic Bronson came through with a hummer
Jay-fucking-Steels left a rim shot like a drummer
And she was from Cali so she said it's a bummer
I gave a rim job to a nimrod, I've been hard

With a dumb bitch, in that 65 Impala she had one switch
She had one wish, she said she wanna have my dick like a baby
No maybe, she like dark meat, white gravy
And we was uptown so I told her I'm wavy
And now I got a little message for a young lady
Wash your leather Cheerio after you take a dumpington

'Cause when we start to humpington
I'm goin' in your rumpington
One thing I won't have twice is shit dick, say it
In my mouth, in my mouth, in my mouth, daddy
In my mouth, in my mouth, in my mouth, daddy

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