Put To Sleep

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If what you say is true
Then soon I will be passing you
Does falling from a tree
Feel the same to you as me
The bug that bit her is biting me
Now we're together every time it bleeds
Nothing is what it seems
I only comb my hair before I dream

Einstein's daughter and me
Refuse to believe in reality

The truth has been put to sleep

Supposing you weren't here
There'd be no need for souvenirs
A flashlight without the dark
Let only females on the ark

There's no instructions but that's alright
'Cause mass production's got an overbite
All alone in outer space you're gonna love the things
that you used to hate please bug me

Miniscule and meaningless
You're gonna care much less
About who's the best and plastic

The bad guy's get all the girls
A gun'll get you fame in this crazy world

Superman and me
we can't get a break with the ladies
The truth is mean

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