Mac Lethal

Quarter Life

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Slow Times, Hard Times
Close wound, Open wounds
Come on

Yo Uh
I'm gettin' sick
I'm gettin' sick of fightin' for it
This bullshit dream
When all these people like ignore it
I take my life record it
Get on stage and I perform it
But the fear of bein' broke is quite enormous
It's like I'm dormant
I only got the budget for some rice and porridge
Hopin' that I'm never dressed up in a jumpsuit
White and orange
In the county jail
Servin' 25 to life for horrid, crimes
Cause I resorted to sellin' these white imported, lines
And it gets worse when these labels throw major money at me
But all these deals are so shady I can't be fuckin' happy
I just know this shit could not move any slower
I just know the only thing I need to move this shit is some exposure
People questionin' my flow
People questionin' my motives when its nothin but confessions at my shows
And now I'm terrified of bein' vulnerable to my family
These people got me questionin' my sanity

It's just a quarter life crisis
Uh, you ain't got to follow it but
At least acknowledge it once
And understand that all the things that I am feeling are true
And try to show respect to me while I reveal em to you
It's just a quarter life crisis
You ain't got follow it but
At least acknowledge it once
And understand that all the things that I am feeling are true
And try to show respect to me while I prove it to you

Yo, I'm gonna get em
I swear I'm gonna get em
Fuck these young rappers man there arrogance don't fit em
I need to keep my mouth shut because I know it's right
But nowadays rap careers happen over night
And I'm bitter
Honestly I'm bitter
Even though I'm full of energy and startin' to get bigger
I think about the 90's when you had to pay dues, slay crews
And truly prove you had some heart as a beginner
Nowadays it's retro, sounds like its techno
I feel like I'm a dinosaur that needs to learn to let go
I wonder why the hell I keep on actin' so polite
Nowadays rap careers happen over night
And I wonder, you know sometimes I wonder
Why the people that surround me are so rattled by the thunder
They're lookin' for some comfort
They're lookin' for an angel
The people I'm surrounded by are so fuckin' delusional it's painful
And shit

And if I knew, oh brother if I knew
You'd be this type of enemy to me I never woulda' been a friend to you
You only do a favor if it's benefiting you
Your just a bitter dude
You should admit its true
If I hurt you by bein' happy I'm sorry
But if you hurt me for bein' happy you're sorry
You can take it however you wanna take it
There ain't a fuckin' thing on this planet that you hold sacred
It's all a cheap way for you to get famous
You buy clothes neglecting bills and rent payments
I'd rather feel a cobra bite
Our whole friendship transformed over night
You's a backstabbin' motherfucker
And if I knew you would be this type enemy I'd never been a friend to you
I swear to god the person you've become just isn't you
Look me in the eyes and tell me what I'm sayin isn't true

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