Queen Of Rock N' Roll

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You're not the queen of r'n'r
You're not the one, you're not the most
Don't have the power to decide
About our lives, no, no, no

90% of what you say is pure bullshit,
But you're so great
Everyone keeps telling you so
Why shouldn't you believe them?

You're just a fucking idiot
How can they like you?
You're just a fucking idiot
I hope they fire you

You may be the perfect PR
But you're a witch with all the scum
You may think we don't realize
But you ain't so smart, no, no, no

From the use you get from them
That's how you value your friends
You're just a fair weather charm
And you still think we love you

Cause you're so great - you're so wrong
Cause we need you - oh, you're so wrong
Cause we love you - oh, you're so wrong
You rule our world - oh, you're so wrong

The star in every show, the heroine in every tale,
The one we have to talk about, the one we have to imitate