Raped Serenity

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A lying existence, opens the eyes of slime, destiny has dismembered your
innards, what transformed your interior, I know that your guts change the
position, only blood can help you, you need a transfusion, you must get on the
street, and get hold of some pain, it'll help, forever and wherever, cocktail
made of Coca-Cola, and dog's or cat's blood, will not be enough, that young
woman had to have perfect blood corpuscles, it will help your rotting liver,
your last victim couldn't stop you, I swear, you are so gluttonous - I know,
there has been so little blood, where the young family lives, there are four
people in the house, two children, they are six years and twenty-two months
old, the woman and the man are very strong, but the gun will assist you,
policemen stand in front of the door, what will you do, O.K. they left, you
have to escape away, they seized you, they will damn you, you'll get some
punishment, or they will put you to death, it's not a good situation, got the
cap! ital punishment, don't cry, you can't be afraid of it, you must commit
suicide, otherwise they put you to death, tablettes, tablettes, tablettes,
you ?
It all, you'll die, it will not hurt, they'll never kill you, raped
serenity, I feel my bloodlessness, I don't feel my liver, I'm inside a gut war