Raw Deal (The Juggalo Song)

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Why do I call myself a Juggalo? Cause we be banging the Wicked Shit and swimming off in the blood
Of mosh pits we misfits and misunderstood we got chapters of family off in each in every hood

I'm a Juggalo and you can eat a dick if you're not and if you're stare long enough you get eye balls popped
I'm even worse now since the first curse I'll cut words into my leg until it hurts

Why do I call myself a Juggalo bitch? 'Cause we keep that scub live and fuck that rich shit and
steal that new whip and platinum chain and give it all to a Juggalo who's never had a thang

I'm a Juggalo in the worst way since the first grade I've been plotting my revenge on the W
Hey I can't help if I'm into weird shit looking in the mirror with my eyes closed eating lipstick

Why do I call myself a Juggalo sucker? We don't give a mother fuck what you got (Motherfucker) We don't brown nose or hound dog no weak hoes we stand at the bus stop in yesterday's clothes

I'm a chainsaw smoker with a thirst for blood and since we're on the subject, can you get me some?
When I was 19 I tried to cut off my tongue and mail it to the Devil, so he'd know my voice when I come

Why do I call myself a Juggalo? You hater we don't flip sides all for a bitch like Doug hater
Keep it (East Side) live for the moment and die lates and (Say Hi) till they unplug the

I'm gonna be a J-U-Double G -A -L-O
We got a raw deal
But I'm gonna be a J-U-Double G-A-L-O
I'm killing everybody

It don't matter if your painted or not hated a lot we got a spot here keeping hot we on some
Moms and pops and give neck chops and leaving a puddle of blood right where your head drops you can call the cops
But they ain't coming around here it's the Juggalos running this up in bitch so
stand clear

Why do I call myself a Juggalo punk? 'Cause we roll through the hood with politicans in the trunk
Chickens in the front seat straight to the balls we ain't suckers we don't do shopping sprees at the malls for affection barely got money for Pedro
Bitch you must've forgot you're fucking with a Juggalo

You'll never know till the lights go it might go south and you might get the barrel in your mouth

You lame hoes know when the chain smoker and the phatso come together lungs colapse from secondhand moke

I'm gonna be a J-U-Double G -A -L-O
We got a raw deal
But I'm gonna Be A J-U-Double G-A-L-O
By killing everybody

I call myself a Juggalo cause my face painted
You all go ahead and kill the scene we'll come back and recreate it half a million mother fuckers lookin just like use with contacts and band face all ready to bust

This ain't no civil war we ain't civilized no more we cut throat like fuck it and smiling at you
in court bitch
Independent we gonna stand on our own and prove to the whole world why we heir to the throne

I keep a low profile but low profile teeth like crocodile I bite that ass like a crocodile
Fuck it all round underground while the rest bow down to had to make a count down most fly
Around the sound that I make those too late would rather die then hear it all change sounds show but everywhere that I go every where that I go I let em know that I'm mother fucking Juggalo

I'm gonna be a J-U-Double G -A -L-O
We got a raw deal
J-U-Double G-A-L-O
By killing everybody

Writer/s: Paul Metheric