Ready To Explode

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Sitting here in my mean machine - I'm ready to explode
Looking out of my helmet at the faces
I been wondering all night long - If I will live or die
Yeah, it's always the same before the races
I got some hot line information
About the man who's occupation is driving the cars
Standing out there on the grid
And it's a kind of fascination - And it demands full concentration
The kind of a job
We all dreamed of as a kid
I can see on the track ahead - the heat is rising high
Gotta win for the team and it's never easy
I been feeling the butterflies - strapped into my seat
Yeah, and already the tension's getting to me
We're waiting in anticipation
For some official indication - They're ready to go
Revving up and hit the road
'Cause it's another big occasion
And there won't be no relaxation - They're ready to go
And they're Ready To Explode
You're gonna drive 'em round the bend
Have a go on the chicane
Gonna drive 'em round the bend
Without a warning - Ready Now To Explode
Who's gonna be the big sensation?
Who'll be the champion of the nation?
In one of them cars - Standing out there on the grid
He's gonna get a big ovation
Be the champion of the nation
The kind of a thrill we all dreamed of as a kid
I don't wanna break down
And I wanna explode
Don't let me break down
I wanna explode
Ever since I was just thirteen, I had a crazy, reoccuring dream
To be faster than the speed of sound
It was the only way to get around, oh yeah
(Speeding in my dreams)
Seventeen and I passed my test - Never settling for second best
I knew right away what I'd like
It was a 750 motorbike, oh yeah
(Speeding in my dreams)
I was living for speed