Lisa Miskovsky

Restless Heart

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Caught your eyes across the cantina floor
Hiding my smile when you passed through the door
We were young, only seventeen
Driving around in your daddy's dream

And I was your angel,
Oh baby, you were my king
And we had coins in our pockets,
And we had songs to sing
And I had my mom's dress,
No wedding ring
We walked down at the valley
But I couldn't hear your restless heart

You're always working,
Always running late
So, I eat my dinner
And watch the show that you hate
Oh, how can you spark,
When I burn so bright
And how can I breathe
When you will not fight

Love is like gold,
You just have to dig deep
It's not a diamond,
It's cool and it won't work with greed
At the end of the rainbow,
Your dreams come apart

Writer/s: Lisa Miskovsky

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