Acid Reign

Reflection of Truths

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Money, money is all you want
Lots of the green motivation
Your only intention is corruption
Use innocence to line your pocket
You wear that face so well
Who knows how many you've got
Smiling your way to the bank
Is the only pleasure that you have

Your only talent
Is for deception
I'll remember
To forget you
Bleeding people
Like a sponge
Get your needs
And fill your account

Your disease has no class
It eats away at anyone
The bigger they were or are
The more casualties will fall
One man's hand
Moves so many important mouths
Not quite sure what you want
Control will have to do for now

Never get caught
Always someone there
Waiting to protect you
Cover up your tracks
Run your business
Invoices clean
Money just appears
From your hands

Nothing has ever stopped you
I fear it never will
Buying your way through life
And never falling in debt
Guilt is something you don't know
And have never understood
Just keep building your playground
And don't let anybody else in

Monty - Is all you want
Control - Is all you want
Debt - is what you'll never have
Happiness - Is what you'll never have

Writer/s: Howard Smith

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