Lesley Duncan

Rocking Chair

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Letting the day go just spendin' time,
Watching the fire glow and drinking wine,
Nothing upon my mind leaving it
All behind,

Gently melt away
Into the soft light, eternal maze,
Ooh its a good night to sit and laze
Nothing to do or say,
Happy to let the day
Trickle down like rain
On the window pane

Sweet lady time be good to me,
Just let me live my days
The way all days should be.
Oh it's so fine to feel this free
Just let me keep this much
A touch of sanity.

Oh its a cold night the earth's in pain,
But in the firelight I'll start again
Leavin' it all behind,
Rhythm to ease my mind
I'll say goodbye to care
In my rocking chair.

Writer/s: Jimmy Horowitz / Lesley Duncan

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