Keep of Kalessin

Reptilian Majesty

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Ruins towering around
Shadows of the past
Built again in all their splendour
Trophies of war and triumph
A march of victory
How can one who's heart is ravenous
Settle with concord?

Still the hunger prey on heart
Eats away at a growing void
A peace that weakens the spirit
A war that needs a world
Grant me the power to rise from mortal
Grant me the spells to raise the dead
When all is lost and all is won
How does on go on?

How do I go on?

And so it is written
In the ancient scrolls:

"Descending comes the ones of old
Down from the skies like long time told
A mountain in size with wings like a bird
Thunder and fire in smoke obscured
So begins the reign of the one
To long has his makers been gone
Reptilian order ones roamed this land
Time for retribution
Revenge at hand!"

Revenge at hand!!

Being not of our time
Here is none of your kind
Your world is for me to burn
Earn the right to bear your name

My name is equal to destruction

I am the centre of the universe
The beginning and the end
I am the unstoppable adverse
Through me you'll transcend
It's written in an ancient tongue
That men can not pronounce
There is only one law and one justice
And it's punishable by death!

"The spear of darkness
Has overthrown the light
Possesed by the darkness
I walk the path of your ruin
I've bled to become what I am
The master of the black tower
The dragon of many colours and none
I will live after the stars have lost their fire
To the rebirth of a new cosmos
I claim revenge of the slain who summoned me
Why have I been awakened?"

From the fire that created the flames
Bow to the master of the blackwind
By the grace of my broken scales
I curse you!
Your lifesbane disbanded forever

Divinus maiestatis
Caelestis maiestatis

Writer/s: Keep of Kalessin / Obsidian C.

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