Hank Snow

Rome Wasn't Built In a Day

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Fallin' in love is still something quiet strange to my heart
This is the first time for me and I'm new at the part
So my love if I say it I do little things I don't mean to say or do
Remember I love you and I'll make it all up to you

Darlin' Rome wasn't built in a day
Amoure nonroman enjourno
Love that's true grows with each passing day
Amoure nonroman enjourno

[ guitar ]
If ever a dark cloud surrounds us to darken the blue
Remember the sunshine of our love will come shinin' through
Into life rain must fall and it falls just as sure as the rain falls from above
Bringin' the roses and thorns to the spring of our love

Darlin' Rome wasn't built in a day...
Amoure nonroman enjourno

Writer/s: Yvonne DeVaney

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