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Well you know I've been dloating here for hours
Just like this
Suspended gently swaying like a pendulum
Look, no strings attached
There's the odd insect
It don't worry traffic control
But I just don't seem to wake up
I've been all the way to Budapest
Seen riots, yes riots in Tibet
Seen the burning monks
Crackling in pain
Saw bombs in Gibraltar
Fear in Christ's eyes
Frozen in concrete
As all of Europe fries
Wake up a mother's son
Lynched in a graveyard
Bullets in MacDonald's
Mottos born to kill
Tattoed on children's skin
And when I saw the hole in the sky
At the north pole
I really wanted to wake up
I heard the last breath of the dolphin
Behind the doors on the fourth floor
Of a Manchester morgue
Little fingers on the durex machine
God bless them,
yes God bless them
And God bless Milton Keynes
Now I've been floating here
For thirty years
>From the mid west to the North Sea
Seen nothing but soot covered misery
Witnessed crossbreeding giving birth to
Bad dreams now I want to wake up
Now I'm floating here on the outer atmosphere
And I've brushed aside the waste paper
There's a sign,
It says
"Self destruct in 99"