Ribophul Kiduye Senge

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Na komajog mushimko dudge doen
hayan jacket elphi han jang
insengul onthong bakwoboril
mabobul goronohajyo

I want to hold your hand get back
all my loving yellow submarine
can't by me love michelle let it be
help penny lane my favorite song

Golmogogwie jagun record jom
nunaege jollaso
cham oryobge guhan albumdurun
jamul solchige hejyo

Lucy in the sky with diamonds
girl yesterday I will hey jude
eight days a week come together
and I love her acoss the universe

Nomu mari obdon orinshijol johun chingu dwejugo
chorhagi doeodon yongwonhan ne usang

Rain paperback writer nowhere man
she love you in my life julia
sgt. peper's loney hearts club band
(when I'm sixty four I feel fine)
the long and winding road my favorite song