Vitamin X

Ripped Of Its Past

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Tell me now what's this all about?
show me how: you can't do without!
anyone should try to understand
you can't go on deprived of all your land!

LIVING A LIFE, ripped of its past
so tell me now, TELL ME NOW!
Do you want it to last?
THE ONLY RIGHT that they still own
Is the memory of WHAT THEY ONCE OWNED!

rights were (are) taken where they should be given
to this handful of people tryin' to make a living
they're captured in a state of mind
NO JUSTICE they will ever find!!

Columbus Day a celebration? Don't make me laugh! All Indians in North- and South America have been slaughtered, their land was stolen and the ones that survived are now living in 'concentration camps' This song is dedicated to all people whose houses are burned, whose land has been stolen, whose lives are destroyed!