Rise in Love

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Ooh ooh ooh
Before you

Before you, I was empty
Nothing left, was just a shell
Before you, loneliness was all I felt

Didn't want to fall in love no more,
Was so sad I, fell so many times I hit the floor, hurt so bad
I didn't want no one to bring me down, was sick and tired
Then you came to lift me off the ground, and you take me higher

We rise, we rise in love
You and I, keep rising
We rise, we rise in love
Higher, we're flying
Our love will rise

Rescued me from all the pain I felt, before I met you
Dried my eyes and made me smile again, you helped me get through
Now I know what loves supposed to be, it's like you're flying
Now I know the love I've found is real, cause it keeps on rising


We're so high and we keep rising
We keep climbing, higher and higher
And we keep soaring, we keep growing, we keep loving
Our love is flying

We rise, we rise
You and I (keep rising)


Our love will rise


Writer/s: Carl James