Bret Michaels

Rock'n My Country

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Charlie went down to Georgia
He was looking to make a deal
He heard a southern band singing ramblin man
Playing guitars of steel

It was Travis, Hank, Merle and Mick
Singing about them honky tonk women
Walyon and Willie, Coe and Cash
Just trying to make a living

It wasn't about fame,
It wasn't about money
Just outlaws putting
Some rock in their country

The king made the young girls scream
In a pair of blue suede shoes
Heard Clapton, Earl and Stevie Ray
Just playing them delta blues

Ronnie sang me home sweet home
Talkin' 'bout Alabama
Outlaws, 38 and Hatch
You got me flirting with distaster

Them Van Zant boys
They was on to somethin'
Just outlaws putting
Some rock in their country

It was born down in the bayou
Raised out in the streets
Simple songs I could sing along to
That made me stomp my feet

Yeah my hair is long and I may look funny
But I still love some rock in my country

Yeah it all sounds good to me
I like country in my rock
And rock in my country

She rolled on down the highway
Yeah, Janis and Bobbie McGee
Singing la la la la la la la la la
Yeah sure sounded good to me

It ain't about the fame, the glamour or the money
She's just a bad girl putting some rock in her country

If the music biz left it up to me
I'd keep country in my rock and rock in my country

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