Rockie Fresh


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[Hook: Rockie Fresh]
Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Yeah we rollin', yeah we rollin'
We roll, we roll till we can't roll no more
Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Yeah we rollin', yeah we rollin'
We roll, we roll till we can't roll no more

[Verse 1: Rockie Fresh]
I feel like pullin' my whip out, start it up and just dip out
My old girl went M.I.A., so I'm a see what this new bitch 'bout
We gon' smoke, we gon' chill she gettin' shocked by the electric feel
She now a nigga stay fresh for real, see I got drive want to test the wheel
She gon' give me that FaceTime, she gon' go to that baseline
No name droppin' I hate lying, I land in hit then I'm flyin'
To the future like Marty, still driving 88
When I'm pullin' up to your party in coupe look like where are we
This is spaceship, take lift, come experience grey shit
But this fit for two so leave your friends we ain't got no room
And bitch we cool don't be talking all that goofy shit too soon
Matter fact don't talk that at all, make a young nigga not get involved
Why, cause that shit be ridiculous, I'm a dog respect my viciousness
I'm a boss respect my business shit, talking money cause I'm really gettin' it
Ballin' with my niggas, while we travel state to state
Keep a lot up on my plate while we racing to the cake
Catch me...


[Verse 2: Gunplay]
Roll up with no tint, my old school is so mint
Score like I own the gym, your team so 0 for 10
All my hoes be OPM, they let me fuck, they don't pay rent
I pay her bills with no regret, bitch must not know me yet
I'm that type that hop that flight, you say I can rip tonight
I be that vulture on the door step - mimosas and cold sex
Girl drop that Sebring, upgrade them bee stings
C cup, D cup, new closet, she needs things
She's talented, only one, hold the gun, roll the blunt
Same time, roll the tongue, hand jobs, be number one
That's right, pussy mine, 'specially on that kush and wine
Pushin' on that cushion now, [?]
I don't care 'bout your status ho, I just want me the baddest ho
But if she ain't actin' right then I'm a have to [?] this ho
Asking questions, wanna know, what's that on the steering wheel
That's the oak, lemme see them keys, crank it up, you know we still...