C.W. McCall

Roses for Mama

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Well, I had two weeks vacation comin'
So I thought I'd drive down to Florida
Spend some time with an old friend, date a few girls
Make a few parties, and just kinda live it up again

So I packed up my car and then I called my Mom in Tennessee
And told her what I planned to do she said, "Son, are you comin' by?"
And I said, "Mom, I'm really pushed for time
But I'll see you in a week or two"

And I was drivin' through this little town
In Georgia when I remembered today's Mama's birthday
Well, I thought I'll just stop and wire some flowers
Shouldn't take too long, then I'll be on my way

So I walked in a flower shop and the first thing
I saw was this little boy, with his eyes full a' tears
I said, "What's wrong, son?" He said, "Mama loves roses"
And today's her birthday, and I haven't seen her in almost a year

Roses for Mama
Today's her birthday
Roses for Mama
Today's her birthday

He said, "I live with Grandma now, but I promised
Mama some roses 'cause I talk to her all the time
I wanted to give her five, 'cause that's how old I am"
But the lady said I couldn't buy 'em with just a dime

Well, the little fellow's story kind a touched my heart
So I told the lady to give him what he wanted and charge it to me
Then I told her I needed to wire a dozen roses to my Mama
Up in Chapel Hill, Tennessee

I looked around, and the little boy was gone
But all of a sudden the door flew open and he come runnin' back in
And he said, Mister, I forgot to thank you for the roses
He smiled, he shook my hand, and ran back out again

Well, I started on out of town, and I was feelin' real proud
Of myself for thinkin' of my Mama and really carin'
When I looked out the window and I saw that same little boy
Kneelin', by a grave in an old cemetery

I stopped my car and walked over to where the little boy
Was kneelin' down, and he smiled up at me and said
"This is where my Mama stays"
She says, "She sure does thank you for these pretty roses"
Well that's when I had to walk away

And I drove straight back to that flower shop
And I said, "Lady, have you sent those flowers to Tennessee?"
She said, "No, not yet" I said, "Well, never mind
I'll just take them back with me"

Roses for mama
Today's her birthday
Roses for mama
Today's her birthday

Writer/s: Gene Dobbins / Johnny Wilson / Wayne Sharpe

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